Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 06/12/2011

I had a hugely busy week this last week. Ending with driving on Saturday to Miami (a four hour drive) to watch our grandaughter graduate from Pre-School! It was the cutest thing ever. So a good portion of Sunday was spent vegging on the couch!! LOL Here are this weeks interpretations of:

Long Exposure
Childhood Memory

Long Exposure
ISO100 / 24mm / f8  and 122 seconds
I didn't have time to go back onto the beach to take a current photo so this is one I took a couple months ago on the beach.   It was totally dark on the beach and the effects from just the small amount of lights was phenomenal.  Check it out....Exposure was over 2 minutes.  Unbelievable huh?? 

This was the moon just last Thursday night.  I love all the different shapes of the craters on the moon.   It was amazing!!!

This is one of our local yard residents!  Isn't he cute?

Nothing like fresh strawberries....especially in a smoothie.  Yum!!

Childhood Memory
Okay you really made me go back with this one.  I only have a handful of photos from when I was small (under the age of 6) because they all stayed in Cuba when my parents fled to the U.S. in 1960  (you doing the math? LOL)   But of all the photos I could have, this one is the most precious to me.   See, the is me laying up on my mother's lap (and that is my older brother looking very bored).  I must have been 4 years old in this photo.   All of my childhood memories of her involve nothing but fun times, happiness and lots of love.  She loved life and cherished every moment with her children.  She was a loving, warm, giving and just plain amazing person.  She had seven children~~four daughters and three sons.  Two born in Cuba and the rest born in the U.S. 
She was 37 years old when we lost her.  

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Ashley Sisk said...

You nailed it again - I love your long exposure and shape shot!

LL Cool Joe said...

I love them all but I really like the green shot. Such amazing colours!

maren said...

I like the angle of your fruit! Thanks for sharing!