Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ 07/29/2012

Wow, it has been so long since the last time I participated in SHS!  I have missed posting although I have visited often.

Wanted to congratulate Ashley and Hubby on their beautiful baby girl.  What a blessing...she is just perfect.   I look forward to seeing so many more photos of this precious little girl.

So, for this weeks prompts here are my interpretations.   I will try harder to participate. Wishing everyone a wonderful week.





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Friday, July 27, 2012

{Michael & Amy} ~ Engaged

A fun day on the Kemah Boardwalk (Texas). 
I could not be happier having been given the opportunity to photograph the Engagement of my nephew Michael and his beautiful bride-to-be Amy.

{Michael and Amy} 
What can I say about these two, other than they are one beautiful (very shy) couple.  They are quiet, fun, cute, adorable,
gorgeous/handsome, loving, caring, giving, hard working...........
(okay, I know I am their aunt~but for real they are all of this and so much more).
But the one most beautiful thing about these two is that they are truly so much "in love."

So wait, did I say shy???  
Yes, shy and can you imagine my poor nephew have his old aunt asking him to kiss his bride-to-be over and over. Yes, I know it was tough, but he stepped up to the plate (he loves baseball) and did what he had to do and yes there was a lot of kissing going on.  (I had extra tubes of Lip Balm just in case)

We had a wonderful afternoon that hot day in June.  But the memories of that day along with these images will forever hold a special part in my heart.

Amy and Michael, I love you both very much and I am beyond touched for
the priviledge of doing this for you and I am looking forward with great anticipation to share and capture your Wedding Day in September.

I love you both very much!
(Tia Ire) 

PS  Congratulations on your new home!!!

Here is a video with more of Michael and Amy's day of fun !

Or you can click on this LINK to see the video.

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Ellenburg Project 52 ~ Week 30

"Photograph a Psalm"

This was not an easy task!!  One thing it did do was make me revisit the Book of Psalms.
Here is my interpretation of Psalm 19:1 which I applied to a photo I took yesterday of the skies in the afternoon.  They were pretty darn wicked and it just showed me that as beautiful as God's work can be.......well here you have it.

On another note...I have to share this.   I had to take my poor husband to the dentist today.  He had one molar extracted and a root canal done in one visit.  He is a pretty big sissy when it comes to the dentist and needles so we found a "sedation" dentist and made an appointment.  It went really well and it gave me an afternoon of giggles as he was coming out of his drug induced fantasy world.  He made me buy him a pizza (mind you as soon as we got out of the dentist) and while his mouth still under novacaine and all the sedation medication he proceeded to eat (no..devour)  the entire 14" pie.  A little later tonight he was a little better and was getting his bearings back, he could NOT remember eating the pizza...He knew he was still pretty full but couldn't remember why!!   I had to show him the receipt.  LOLOL   I tell you...at some points I had tears in my eyes from trying not to laugh too hard.   Poor guy.  (He really is all better and a really good sport)

Photo Featured Week 30

For next week (Week 31) the Theme is "Time"
Can't wait to see everyone's interpretations

Friday, July 20, 2012

"Self Portrait" ~ Project 52, Week 29

Ellenburg Project 52 ~ Week 29

"Self Portrait"

 Holy Cow it is already Week 29 of this project.  Where does time go. 
Last week Daphne really challenged all of us as she posted that we would be having to get in front of the camera for our "Self Portraits."   Trust me there was a lot of noise from the group on this one but at the end I think everyone did an exceptional job given all the chatter. 

So, at the encouragement of my friend (Catherine of Joyful Reflections Photography) I am blogging this week with my photos from my little self-portrait shoot.  For those who know me, you know that this is totally me.......Silly, Goofy, and Out there!!! 
For those who don't know me...well....this is me...Silly, Goofy and Out there!! 

I encourage you to visit Ellenburg Photography (Here) and check out all the featured photos from this weeks challenge.  I can't stress enough how simply amazingly fun this group is and the great friends I (we) are making along the way.

Photo Featured Week 29

Next week's theme???  Come find out.  It's another really challenging one
Stay tuned!!!

Have a wonderful week and remember.....
{Keep Snapping}

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