Friday, July 27, 2012

{Michael & Amy} ~ Engaged

A fun day on the Kemah Boardwalk (Texas). 
I could not be happier having been given the opportunity to photograph the Engagement of my nephew Michael and his beautiful bride-to-be Amy.

{Michael and Amy} 
What can I say about these two, other than they are one beautiful (very shy) couple.  They are quiet, fun, cute, adorable,
gorgeous/handsome, loving, caring, giving, hard working...........
(okay, I know I am their aunt~but for real they are all of this and so much more).
But the one most beautiful thing about these two is that they are truly so much "in love."

So wait, did I say shy???  
Yes, shy and can you imagine my poor nephew have his old aunt asking him to kiss his bride-to-be over and over. Yes, I know it was tough, but he stepped up to the plate (he loves baseball) and did what he had to do and yes there was a lot of kissing going on.  (I had extra tubes of Lip Balm just in case)

We had a wonderful afternoon that hot day in June.  But the memories of that day along with these images will forever hold a special part in my heart.

Amy and Michael, I love you both very much and I am beyond touched for
the priviledge of doing this for you and I am looking forward with great anticipation to share and capture your Wedding Day in September.

I love you both very much!
(Tia Ire) 

PS  Congratulations on your new home!!!

Here is a video with more of Michael and Amy's day of fun !

Or you can click on this LINK to see the video.

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