Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 08/28/11

Here we are once again at Scavenger Hunt Sunday! This week was a stressful week with the threat of the Hurricane Irene coming in and through Florida. I watched it deligently as it veered more easterly as each passing day. Unfortunately, it didn't go far enough as we all know. Here is praying that everyone is remains safe and that the damage is minimal.

Here are my prompts for this week. Some were easy...some were not so much! Hahaa. But here they are anyways. Wishing everyone a wonderful week.
Old and New

Night Photography


This is my niece Natalia and yesterday was her 7th Birthday.  And with that I got her most cheesiest smile! 
Don't you just love her?

Taken on Thursday at the Ponce Inlet Jetties

Prompts for next week!!
  1. Stairs
  2. Macro
  3. Clouds
  4. Abstract 
  5. Smile

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Show off Shot} for the week....

So I was visiting Natalie's Blog (checking out her amazing work) and ran into this curious little blog (hosted by And then, she [snapped] ) so I thought I'd join in the FUN this week.

My husband had told me about Cattails and how as a young boy they would pick them, take them home, put them out to dry and then once dry, they would burn them.  And the smell was heavenly.   So he brought one home the other day and last night we burned one.  I have to agree that the smell is quite awesome.  He told me that that smell took him right back to his youth. Funny how certain things, whether smell, food, places, etc. take you right back to  those younger, carefree days. 

So here is my show off image for this week plus I added a few more for fun!  Make sure you all go check out all the fabulous entries at Show Off Your Shot!

Here are a few more shots of the smoldering, amazing smelling Cattail!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

IHF ~~ Pets

This week we celebrate furry friends and even if the theme is called “Pets Week” we can enter any photo that features any animal even if it's not our own pet!!!  So here is my entry for this week.

This is Zeus taking a break from an exhausting game of catch with Nicolas (my nephew)

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 08/21/2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday for August 21, 2011

An amazingly strange week this week.  Had lots going on and the weekend proved to be the most interesting of all.  But, I managed to pull together (with the help of my always helpful hubby) and completed my task.  Here are my interpretations for this week.  And I hope everyone has a wonderful week. 


This one was sort of hard for me.  I could not come up with something.  .
But my hubby and I took a walk on the boardwalk (on the beach) and I looked up and saw this.  
What is more magnificent than God's own artwork.

Hanging by a Thread
Mr. Spider hanging in his threads (or web) enjoying what was left of the afternoon sun.

This cutie was enjoying her summer with a juicy watermelon.
How adorable is she???

On the Dotted Line
Fine, I know I am mean for making my husband pose for me yet again!!
But he is always an amazingly good sport.

Here are the prompts for next week....Come join the FUN!!

  1. Old and New
  2. Night Photography
  3. Music
  4. Cheesy
  5. Sun
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 08/14/2011

Well, I celebrated another Birthday this past week and my honey sure did make is special along with all my family and facebook friends with all their birthday wishes. I really feel blessed to be surrounded by such great people, including those here in the Blogging World.

For this week I actually finished all my prompts on Saturday, and I had (again) lots of fun using my creativity and interpreting them! Here are my interpretations for this week.

1. Against the Light
2. Frame within a frame
3. Best Part of Your Day
4. Buttons
5. Ink

"Against the Light"
I am in love with the sun flare here.
"Frame Within A Frame"
If I was to tell you that I was outside and my husband was inside (the house) would you believe it?  
Yup...he was inside and yes I was outside and it was nighttime.  The light came from the kitchen window where he stood.

"Best Part of Your Day"
I guess the best part of my day would be when I tell my hubby after dinner (in the middle of the week), come on let's go get some shots and he so willingly always goes.   Because, my favorite part (time) of the day is when the sun is setting or sets and the light is so golden.  (Side note: this photo was featured top ten over at MCP Actions this week [week 32] of  Project 52)

This is the dash of a 1931 Ford.  The dash was beautiful with all its buttons and gauges.  Of course the car has been modified to facilitate with the temparatures in Florida and they have added A/C
(so that is an aA/C vent you see an added

This is from a Mommy-to-Be photoshoot.  Isn't she lovely?

Next week:
  1. Geometry
  2. Brushstrokes
  3. Hanging by a Thread
  4. Collage
  5. On the Dotted Line 

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IHF ~ Beautiful Eyes

"Beautiful Eyes"
I know that every grandmother thinks that their grandbabies are the cutest on the planet, and I am no exception.  Well, if the truth be told, my grandkids are perfection (a statement that will be argued by my daughter and son-in-law since they endure daily lives with them LOL).   Of course, as we all know (grandparents that is) the best part of spoiling those little darlings and loading them up with sugar and just pretty much letting them run all over of us, is that we get to go home at the end of the day.  Leaving our little darlings to their parents!! 

This photo of my grandaughter is probably going to be my favorite taken this year (so far).   I converted it to B&W because I think in this form you can see the depth of her eyes, almost looking right into her little beautiful soul.  This photo may not win prizes, but it perfectly depicts the beautiful almond shaped eyes and the innocence that will hopefully stay there for many years to come.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 08/07/2011

Another week as passed and another Scavenger Hunt Sunday is here.  Can you believe it's already August?  Of course August is always special to me because it's my birthday month, and although I try not to "count" my birthday's anymore, I still love my Birthday Day!!   My husband and I have always celebrated "birthday week" where we get a little something (nothing big) everyday until the big day.  It's always fun and I look forward to opening a little present everyday. Soooo, this Tuesday I celebrate the 7th anniversary of my 50th birthday!!  I personally think that sounds better...... :) 

I wish everyone a happy week and see you next Sunday right back here at SHS with Ashley!!!

"Life is full of beauty.  Notice it.  Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces.  Smell the rain, and feel the wind.  Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams."
~~ Ashley Smith

Seeing Double/TWO
Those are two huge long horns.  
That's her baby back there just watching carefully as mom checks out the camera lady.

This mini-bike is 38 years old.  My 46 year old brother (on the bike here) got this mini-bike for Christmas when he was 8 years old.  The bike has resided at my Dad's house now for a number of years and everytime we (he) visits my Dad's house the mini-bike comes out.  It is baffling to all of us how the thing still runs. 

This is sweet Baby Louciana Maria

Air Space to be specific.....Here is a plane landing at Daytona Int'l Airport just last night.

A bright light illuminating the evening on the walkway under the Granada Bridge.

Here are next week's prompts.  Come join in the fun and link up with Ashley.
  1. Against the Light
  2. Frame Within a Frame
  3. Best Part of Your Day
  4. Buttons
  5. Ink

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I Heart Faces Challenge ~~ Friendships

I Heart Faces this week is all about Friendships.  As soon as I saw the theme for this week I knew that this was the photo I wanted to post.   This is Samantha and her cousin Jake.  Jake and Sam are only a little over a month apart and they both turn two this year.  Jake lives in Texas and his cousin Sam lives in Florida.  This past July Sam and her family went to visit Jake.  You see they hadn't seen each other in since Samantha's first birthday in September 2010, so it was indeed a very special visit for both of them.  My husband and I happen to also be visiting at that same time so a photoshoot of these two cuties was in order.   Could they be any cuter? 

Hope you all have a wonderful week and don't forget to go visit
I Heart Faces to see all the fabulous entries.

"Cousins are friends that will love you forever"

Author: Constance Richards

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 07/31/2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here I am again....Tuesday 10:30pm and I am now getting to post my entry for this week.  I had such a busy weekend and then yesterday had to do a quick edit (for proofing) of a photoshoot I did on Sunday for an expecting Mom.  But, the good thing is that I had all the photos for the prompts this week, I just hadn't had a chance to post.  So without further are my interpretations for this week.   I wish everyone a happy and cool week.  Till Next Sunday.....

Walking Empty Streets

Repeating Patterns
I love the repeating patters of the pilings under the pier

This is Sandy (a Rat Terrier) who belongs to my sister.  I just love how she sat and posed for me with her favorite stuffy.

Then and Now
This is my grandaughter Ellie then (just a day old) and now (this last Saturday on her 5th birthday)


Here are next week's prompts.......
  1. Seeing Double/Two
  2. Whatever
  3. Sweet 
  4. Space
  5. Bright

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