Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 08/14/2011

Well, I celebrated another Birthday this past week and my honey sure did make is special along with all my family and facebook friends with all their birthday wishes. I really feel blessed to be surrounded by such great people, including those here in the Blogging World.

For this week I actually finished all my prompts on Saturday, and I had (again) lots of fun using my creativity and interpreting them! Here are my interpretations for this week.

1. Against the Light
2. Frame within a frame
3. Best Part of Your Day
4. Buttons
5. Ink

"Against the Light"
I am in love with the sun flare here.
"Frame Within A Frame"
If I was to tell you that I was outside and my husband was inside (the house) would you believe it?  
Yup...he was inside and yes I was outside and it was nighttime.  The light came from the kitchen window where he stood.

"Best Part of Your Day"
I guess the best part of my day would be when I tell my hubby after dinner (in the middle of the week), come on let's go get some shots and he so willingly always goes.   Because, my favorite part (time) of the day is when the sun is setting or sets and the light is so golden.  (Side note: this photo was featured top ten over at MCP Actions this week [week 32] of  Project 52)

This is the dash of a 1931 Ford.  The dash was beautiful with all its buttons and gauges.  Of course the car has been modified to facilitate with the temparatures in Florida and they have added A/C
(so that is an aA/C vent you see an added

This is from a Mommy-to-Be photoshoot.  Isn't she lovely?

Next week:
  1. Geometry
  2. Brushstrokes
  3. Hanging by a Thread
  4. Collage
  5. On the Dotted Line 

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Life with Kaishon said...

Your pictures are just splendid! Congratulations to you on being featured. I always knew you were a star ; )

Michelle said...

The best part of your day shot is absolutely gorgeous. Great job.

scrapinbabygal said...

WOW!! incredible set of photos! i love all the details in the buttons shot. And the frame photo is so creative and stunning!

Tina said...

Great shots. Most interesting is the 2. :)

Tamar SB said...

I love the against the light shot! Great collection!

Leslie said...

I love your ink shot!! The other pictures were awesome too!

Stasha said...

Love them all. So cute seeing you in the AC vent.

tiarastantrums said...

I love that I can see you in the old Ford shot!

Ashley Sisk said...

First of all, happy belated birthday! And I love this entire set. Your photos are always full of inspiration!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Love that first one- the palms are fantastic

Sara said...

Great set, love your best part and buttons. What a wonderful suppotive husband!
Thanks for visiting me @ Chasing Rainbows and your lovely comment.

Saun said...

I love them all great set!

Phoenix Peacock said...

these are all really lovely. I particular like the frame photo

Valeria said...

Deja'vu I have a photo very similar to your first shot. I named I love LA. How funny!!!
I love your style and entires, of course my favorite is the first one :)

Cedar said...

Wow! These are all stunning! Each one captures such beautiful light and colors! The ink shot might be my favorite, but they are all really lovely!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

These are so great...especially that "frame". WOW! Happy belated Birthday, too!

Anne U said...

Really like the last shot, beautiful.

Tara said...

You have quite the talent! Happy to be your newest follower! :)