Monday, July 25, 2011

IHF Photo Challenge ~~ Water

© Jazzmin Y. Altamira

I am the energy of life.
My radiant rays look right down on all the regal planets.
I have seen every creature to ever roam the earth.
I am the grandfather of the universe.
My bright rays shine like a new snowfall on an early winter morning.
The innumerable rays of light can never compare to,
All the memories I have.
I give warmth to everyone and everything,
As I extend my arms of heat.
The heat I give makes rocks crackle and hiss.
My rays are a good night kiss,
That I give to my brother, the moon.
The clouds are my worst enemy.
I will never stop giving,
For I am the energy of life.

Ponce Inlet Jetty Beach
On a hot simmering late afternoon the sun looks like a fiery ball over us.
Remember to wear your suncreen!!!
Hope eveyone has a great week

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 07/24/2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 07/24/2011

This week was not easy for me with the prompts.  Between the heat (which makes me not want to be outside) and my knee still being just a little annoying, it made it hard to go in search.  But, I did manage to get my prompts completed and it was definitely fun.  See, my husband now asked me what the prompts are each week, so we make it fun that way too.  Actually, he was the one that found the snake skin and told me (very proudly) that he had found "clear" for me.  Gotta love him.

Hope everyone as a safe and blessed week and see you all here again, on SHS next week.

Music to my ears.
Had to go into the archives for this one since the only thing that came to my mind was my grandchildren's laughter and unfortunately it's been four weeks since I've seen them.  But, this coming weekend we are driving down to take them to the Zoo.  Can't wait.
This is 13 day old baby Louciana.  Did her newborn photos just yesterday.  She was an absolute delight and gave me so many beautiful images. It was an amazing afternoon.
Found this very clear snake skin on the front wall of our house, just a few feet from the front door.  Eeeeeeek!!!!
Out of this World
I was going to wait to take some night shots of the moon or stars or whatever I could find, but just tonight we were driving to the store when I looked in the side mirror and saw this.  I took out my Iphone (silly me I left my big camera at home~I should know better) and snapped this. I think this shot is out of this world since I have this addiction to the sky/stars/clouds,  etc.
Few sprinkles from the hose while watering a little.

Join us for next week's SHS with the following prompts.  Make sure to link with with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos. 
  1. Walking Empty Streets
  2. Repeating Patterns
  3. Floor
  4. Then and Now
  5. Fingertips 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

IHF Photo Challenge ~ Props

This week at I Heart Faces is all about "Props."    I went through a bunch of photos and when I ran into this one I said Bingo!!  I love this photo of my husband.  He is always the willing prop himself but when we saw this phone booth we actually had someone unlock it so we could get in.    This was taken in Kemah, Texas about two weeks ago when we visited my family out there. Ironically the colors on the back wall are the colors of Italy (and my hubby is Italian)  Coinkidink??

Of course I think my husband rocks for always being such a great sport~~he is pretty cool.

Hope everyone has an amazing week!!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 07/17/2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday for July 17,  2011

Oh boy, this week was truly tough for me since I was laid up most of the week.  With the exception of going to work I  had to keep my leg up all week.  Then this last Friday, I went to the Orthopeadic MD and had some fluid extracted from my (very swelled up) knee and then got a shot of steriod.  Ugghhh... NOT FUN!!  So, in view of that situation, I didn't have a chance at all to take any photos until today.   I am glad to report my knee (leg) is much much better and I am looking forward this week to doing a Newborn Shoot.  I am super excited!!  I hope everyone has an amazing week.

Here are my interpretations for this week.....

~Black and White
~Reflections in Glass
~Seeing Double

Black and White
It was a pretty decent day today so we decided to take a trip down to the beach (New Smyrna instead of Daytona). As we walked through the boardwalk I notice this elderly lady sitting on the bench smoking her cigarette and just enjoying the breeze. I really wanted to take her picture but didn't get the nerve up to ask her permission. So, as I left I shot this one from behind (I guess it was a bit sneaky, but I didn't get her face so I guess its ok).
I just loved the idea of this lady sitting there with her purse hanging on her shoulder just spending time on that bench enjoying the cool breeze off the water on this very hot day.

Reflections in Glass
I had a bunch of shots for this prompt but after running them through my hubby (he is always such a help),
he picked this one. 

This photo to me is just plain mysterious!! 

Seeing Double
We took a ride out to Spruce Creek Park and Campground today and discovered this beautiful pier.

It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny, breezy day today and I was totally surprised that this section of the beach was this bare.  I was glad for the solitude and with the exception of a few bikers and beach walkers, my hubby and I walked along the water and discoverd jellyfish and encounterd lots of birds fishing for lunch.

Here are the prompts for next week.  Hope you can join the fun.

1. Music To My Ears
2. Hat
3. Clear
4. Out Of This World
5. Sprinkles

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ July 10, 2011

Thank you all for all the wonderful and sweet comments on last weeks SHS!  I really loved getting the feedback.  Thank You!!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week was really fun since my husband and I took a road trip out to Houston, TX to visit my family (two brothers and their families).

We hadn't taken a "road trip" since last October when we also traveled to Houston for my baby brother's 40th Birthday. Everyone calls us crazy, but we truly love to hit the open road.   We are already planning on next Road Trip!!

Here are my interpretations for this week's prompts!!

~Things that look like a letter of the alphabet
~ Bling

Things that look like a letter of the alphabet.
How lucky am I that we traveled to Houston, Texas this last week and we drove over the Fred Hartman Suspension Bridge and that it looks like a perfect "M"!!   We drove over 980 miles to visit my family and got this shot!
Yes, I think I am a lucky girl.  LOL

On our drive out west we ran into some pretty heavy fog.

This is what I would call 4th of July Bling!!!  
Hope everyone had an amazing day celebrating this wonderful country's Independence Day.

So I had a photo of a wonderfully tangled vine for this prompt.  I even showed my hubby and he agreed that it was perfect.  But then, I ran into this photo that I took of my great niece Sam and great nephew Jake.  I know they are not "tangled" but they are hugging and I just love this photo too much not to share.  How cute are they???

This is the entrance to the George Wallace Tunnel in Mobile,  Alabama.

Here are next weeks prompts!

~Black and White
~Reflections in Glass
~Seeing Double


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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ July 3, 2011's Scavenger Hunt Sunday!!

This week I actually got this post done on Saturday night.  Since I will be on the road on Sunday and I didn't want to worry or be pressured to get it done before my usual Tuesday night at 10PM!!  I guess I have come to own that last spot!!  LOL

I wish everyone a safe and Happy Fourth of July with lots of BBQ's, Family Fun and lots of Fireworks. 

Here are my interpretations for this week.

Pop of Color
In celebration of our Country's Independence Day!!
Happy Fourth the all

Crossing Thresholds

This was challenging.  But I did read the post the Ashley provided earlier in the week. I think it turned out okay.  Not crazy about it....will have to keep trying.  :) 


Hidden or Farm
I went with Hidden!  Hidden belly button or hidden baby?? 

Here are the prompts for next week!!!
  1. Things that look like a letter of the alphabet
  2. Weather (Paper Heart Camera theme 7/10)
  3. Bling (Heidi's suggestion)
  4. Tangled (Heidi's suggestion)
  5. Dark (Heidi's suggestion)

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Friday, July 1, 2011

~~~~ Lee Family

Our good friends Brian and Caroline are expecting their second child, a sweet baby girl. We went to the Historic Dunlawton Sugar Mill Botanical last weekend and I made some memories for them. They are incredibly in love with each other, with their son D and their unborn child, Louciana. I love this family so much and I am looking forward to meeting their precious daughter.

Here are a few of my very favorite shots. Make sure you click on the link to the slideshow.

To see the Slideshow click here