Monday, July 25, 2011

IHF Photo Challenge ~~ Water

© Jazzmin Y. Altamira

I am the energy of life.
My radiant rays look right down on all the regal planets.
I have seen every creature to ever roam the earth.
I am the grandfather of the universe.
My bright rays shine like a new snowfall on an early winter morning.
The innumerable rays of light can never compare to,
All the memories I have.
I give warmth to everyone and everything,
As I extend my arms of heat.
The heat I give makes rocks crackle and hiss.
My rays are a good night kiss,
That I give to my brother, the moon.
The clouds are my worst enemy.
I will never stop giving,
For I am the energy of life.

Ponce Inlet Jetty Beach
On a hot simmering late afternoon the sun looks like a fiery ball over us.
Remember to wear your suncreen!!!
Hope eveyone has a great week

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Amy said...

This is beautiful!

GSFOoL said...

absolutely gorgeous. Great capture.

Anonymous said...

Really gorgeous! I love the curve of the water in the foreground - sets it apart from other sunset beach photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is just LOVELY!! Makes me YEARN for our vacation in Oct! (Our first one in 14 years! LOL)

stacy: the aunt with gum said...


Ashley Sisk said...

This shot is incredible...should be framed!

LL Cool Joe said...

I love the reflections in the water. Very beautiful. :)