Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 07/17/2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday for July 17,  2011

Oh boy, this week was truly tough for me since I was laid up most of the week.  With the exception of going to work I  had to keep my leg up all week.  Then this last Friday, I went to the Orthopeadic MD and had some fluid extracted from my (very swelled up) knee and then got a shot of steriod.  Ugghhh... NOT FUN!!  So, in view of that situation, I didn't have a chance at all to take any photos until today.   I am glad to report my knee (leg) is much much better and I am looking forward this week to doing a Newborn Shoot.  I am super excited!!  I hope everyone has an amazing week.

Here are my interpretations for this week.....

~Black and White
~Reflections in Glass
~Seeing Double

Black and White
It was a pretty decent day today so we decided to take a trip down to the beach (New Smyrna instead of Daytona). As we walked through the boardwalk I notice this elderly lady sitting on the bench smoking her cigarette and just enjoying the breeze. I really wanted to take her picture but didn't get the nerve up to ask her permission. So, as I left I shot this one from behind (I guess it was a bit sneaky, but I didn't get her face so I guess its ok).
I just loved the idea of this lady sitting there with her purse hanging on her shoulder just spending time on that bench enjoying the cool breeze off the water on this very hot day.

Reflections in Glass
I had a bunch of shots for this prompt but after running them through my hubby (he is always such a help),
he picked this one. 

This photo to me is just plain mysterious!! 

Seeing Double
We took a ride out to Spruce Creek Park and Campground today and discovered this beautiful pier.

It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny, breezy day today and I was totally surprised that this section of the beach was this bare.  I was glad for the solitude and with the exception of a few bikers and beach walkers, my hubby and I walked along the water and discoverd jellyfish and encounterd lots of birds fishing for lunch.

Here are the prompts for next week.  Hope you can join the fun.

1. Music To My Ears
2. Hat
3. Clear
4. Out Of This World
5. Sprinkles

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Anne U said...

Beautiful photos, really like the darkness and mystery to the headlight shot. Glad your knee is a little better, that does not sound like fun at all.

staci said...

Love them all but my favorite is the bare shot. Looks so quiet!

Ashley Sisk said...

Simply amazing - your entire set is so beautiful. I hate that you were laid up all week. Hope that knee is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

the photos are uuuhhhmmazing! wow, so glad I found your blog, a lot of great eye candy. btw its best kind fat free and I know where to come back for some more!!!

Isabel said...

Love your last three shots! Just amazing!

LL Cool Joe said...

Love the last couple of shots, and I don't usually like scenes like this but you made them work so well!

Nela said...

Beautiful photos! :)

Ashley said...

hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog little (mrs) sunshine! :)

I LOVE your seeing double shot- and we were thinking the same thing with the headlights shot! :)

Also- you're right down the road from me- well down the highway ;) We're in St. Augustine!

Cedar said...

Wow! A really impressive set! I love your headlights and the bare beach and...well, what beautiful photos!

Jenn said...

LOVE the last three! Wow! They are so beautiful!