Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Beautiful Woman | Our Mother

It is hard to believe that next Sunday (September 30th) our Mother would have been 75 years old because in my mind she is still that young woman I remember.  It is even harder to believe that she has been gone for 37 years (this past May).   
Remembering my Mother is always easy but the thought that we lost her at such a young age is still hard to believe and accept. 

My Mother was a woman filled with life, spirit and so much love.  She loved my father to a fault, but when it came to her children there was no end to that love.  She really lived for us.  I know this is a cliche but she really did without to give to us.

My Mother was an only child, which makes it harder since we have no aunts or uncles from her side.  I suppose that is why she wanted a big family, and that was exactly what she got.  She had seven children, her "Magnificent Seven" as she called us.  I have such wonderful memories of her, as I know that my older brother Tito does, since we were 22 and 21 the year she passed.  But, for the other five the memories are minimal to none and that really saddens me.  I wish everyday that passes that she was still with us, influencing us through our lives, helping us get through the rough times and mend the fences that have been broken through the years. 

I was having a conversation with my sister Annette the other day as we speculated and dreamt how different out lives may have been had she lived.   Who knows what roads our lives would have taken and where we all would be now had she lived.  But one thing is certain, she would have been there through thick or thin for her children.  Of course we can not question God's reason for taking her when He did.  We just have to keep believing that we will see her again one day.

I know one thing for sure, Mother would have enjoyed her 19 grandchildren and her great-children so much and I know she would have spoiled them all, each and every single one.  Because that is just who she was, an unselfish, caring, giving woman with the kindest, biggest and warmest heart.

This Saturday her 5th grandchild (her first grandson) will be getting married.  His wedding is just one day before what would have been her 75th Birthday.  While her family gathers to celebrate this wonderful ocassion I know she will be there in spirit giving her blessings as she has done in the past with all the momentous ocassions of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Happy 75th Birthday Mother
You are Loved and You are Missed

I made this photo about ten (or 12)  years ago.
Her youngest son is now almost 5 years older than what she was when she passed.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Jackie + Chris | Key Biscayne

Jackie & Chris | Keybiscayne

I have known Jackie (and her family) for years and when her Mom called me to do her maternity photos, I was tickled since I did her sister's maternity photos just about a year ago.  :)  Chris and Jackie are such a sweet and loving couple and these images show it.  Plenty of love between these two and baby Emily will be showered with it, no doubt about it.  Miss Emily is due for arrival on November 10 and this little family will be complete...........{until there is a sibling!!} 
So here you have a few imges from their session, scroll all the way down to see the  video and make sure you leave some love for them.
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Special "heart shaped cloud" was orderd specifically for this shoot.  :) :) :)

Want to see more of this sweet couple, click Here

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Garrett & Charlmane | {Key Biscayne Wedding}

When I met Garrett and Charlmane I instantly liked them.  They have infectious smiles and both of them love to laugh.  I like that.....I like that a lot. 
They had such a beautiful day planned out for their beach wedding with the Lighthouse in the background and even though Mother Nature had different plans, nothing was going to stop these two from saying "I Do."  We waited it out for a little while but the rain only stopped long enough to have the bride walk up to one of the pavilions.  And there with her family and friends they promised each other a life together and even sealed it with the jumping of the broom 
(an African-American heritage tradition.) 
I loved that I was there to record their day and I wish them much happiness.
I hope you enjoy these images and make sure you scroll all the way down and
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