Friday, April 29, 2011

Just having fun........

My project for tonight was most interesting.   I saw this in a video (tutorial) that my niece sent me today and she challenged me to do it.   So here is my outcome of the smoke effects!!!   I loved how they turned out.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (04/24/11)

I've come to love Scanvenger Hunt Sunday!!  Here are this weeks interpretations!  Make sure to click the Scavenger Hunt Sunday icon on the bottom of this page to go check out the rest of the fabulous entries.  

This week:
Guess what it is
What's inside
Lawn and Garden
Guess what it is
(see below for answer)
What's inside?
What is inside my grandaughters eyes?  To me, I see pure innocence.   We were in Disney World this weekend and witnessed  the innocence first hand as she hugged all the "Real" live Princesses.  Her favorite is Cinderella.  
Lawn and Garden

~~~~~ Guess what it is?  (Crocodylus Johnstoni)

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Monday, April 25, 2011

IHF Photo Challenge - Pets

This week is "Pets" week at I Heart Faces and you are to feature your Pets.  Unfortunately, my hubby and I don't have a pet but we are allowed to enter ANY animal/bird.  

So here is my entry for this week.   This is our neighborhood Red Shouldered Hawk.   He has nested with his wife in a tree across the street.  I am sure pretty soon we will be seeing all the babies learning to fly.  Two Sunday's ago, my husband and I were out in the yard and we saw the hawk sitting in the middle of our back yard.  I ran and grabbed my camera and slowly moved towards the hawk (very slowly) and sat on the ground about 20 feet from him.  When I took this shot he flew by me at about ten feet away from me and  about four or five feet off the ground.   He is absolutely spectacular to watch.  What is even more incredible about this shot and you can't see (because I cropped it out) is that Mr. Daddy Hawk is going back to the nest with lunch.   Like in the movie the Lion King.......its the Circle of Life I guess. 

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (04/18/11)

Its Scavenger Hunt Sunday again and this week we have:  Time, Poetry, Outside, Zoom and Isolation.  Here are my interpretations!!  All but Zoom are from the week.  This was, again, FUN!!

Clicking away the minutes of the day waiting for the strike of five so I can go out into the afternoon with my camera in hand and shoot away!!!

I captured this Red Shouldered Hawk in flight (ten feet away from me) Sunday afternoon in my back yard!  It was amazing so I had to incorporate him into this weeks Scavenger Hunt!! 

Is where I want to be instead of being inside in the office!!!  I want to be outside enjoying the warmth of the day.

This is from the archives (not too old) but I knew I wanted to use this one when I saw Zooooom!!!
This is my hubby down the quarter mile.


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Monday, April 18, 2011

IHF Photo Challenge-Wind

This weeks challenge is all about WIND!!    It was taken in Miami (at Matheson Hammock) and it was ssuper windy! (Check out the palm trees in the back)    But we managed to pull it off and this beautiful family of four is now FIVE when then welcomed their third boy about four weeks ago.  There were so many great shots that day but this was my absolute favorite of the whole day.....(Congratulations again to the happy family on their new bundle of joy).

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (04/10/2011)

I cannot believe (and Ashley will be so proud of me) that I am actually posting this on Sunday!! LOL
Really have to say that I had so much fun with this weeks hunt and I even had my hubby joining in the fun.  Here are my interpretations!!

Balloon and Air Show in New Smyrna this weekend.  It was an amazing show!!!

Waiting to Click
This is amazing that I actually caught this fly!!  I really Waited!! LOLOL

In Fashion
I totally think this couple is in total fashion all the way to her umbrella. 

Animals Perspective
Love our little squirrels in our yeard

Planes all lined up like little tin soldiers...

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Photo Challenge ~ Shadows

How strange that I only missed one week of the IHF challenge and it feels like I haven't joined in For-Ever!!!   Anyways, this weeks challenge is "Shadows." 

This is my very handsome grandson who was patiently waiting his turn to ride on the pony at Great Grandpa's house.  (Grandpa owns ponies and the kids love going there and getting free rides all day)  I love the way the shadow from the trees are hovering over him.  And might I just add that I love love this little guy and I love love this photo of him.  Okay...fine....I know....its just GRANDMA speaking!!!  (But he really is a cutie) 

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (04/03/11)

It's Scavenger Hunt Sunday (well.....its actually Tuesday but as usual I am one of the last in posting...I must work on this LOL)

High Key
I have to be included in the group that was going to take a photo of a key in a high place.
I love that I learned something new this week. 
With that said....this is my beautiful granddaughter.

Had to pull this one out of the archives.....the actual photo in the photo is about 7 years old, this photo is not that old.

Something Tiny
I found this tiny pacifier (and I mean it is REALLY tiny) from my nieces baby shower.  The pacifier was attached to the baby which was a pin given out at the shower to each guest.

Off in the Distance
We were in Miami on Sunday and drove over to Miami Beach.  We got off the causeway so I could shoot this especially for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This is (part of) the Miami Skyline.


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