Friday, July 27, 2012

Ellenburg Project 52 ~ Week 30

"Photograph a Psalm"

This was not an easy task!!  One thing it did do was make me revisit the Book of Psalms.
Here is my interpretation of Psalm 19:1 which I applied to a photo I took yesterday of the skies in the afternoon.  They were pretty darn wicked and it just showed me that as beautiful as God's work can be.......well here you have it.

On another note...I have to share this.   I had to take my poor husband to the dentist today.  He had one molar extracted and a root canal done in one visit.  He is a pretty big sissy when it comes to the dentist and needles so we found a "sedation" dentist and made an appointment.  It went really well and it gave me an afternoon of giggles as he was coming out of his drug induced fantasy world.  He made me buy him a pizza (mind you as soon as we got out of the dentist) and while his mouth still under novacaine and all the sedation medication he proceeded to eat (no..devour)  the entire 14" pie.  A little later tonight he was a little better and was getting his bearings back, he could NOT remember eating the pizza...He knew he was still pretty full but couldn't remember why!!   I had to show him the receipt.  LOLOL   I tell some points I had tears in my eyes from trying not to laugh too hard.   Poor guy.  (He really is all better and a really good sport)

Photo Featured Week 30

For next week (Week 31) the Theme is "Time"
Can't wait to see everyone's interpretations

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