Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~~ 05/29/2011

It's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.   Here are this weeks interpretations.  I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend.   Thank you to those who serve (and have served) to keep this country safe and free.  God Bless.

Classic Still Life

Self Portrait
So serious.......which is very uncharateristic of me.  I always wear a smile.   Guess its my serious look. 

On the Floor
We've laid some food outside to feed our friendly and sometimes curious and always busy backyard squirrels.  I think they love us now.  :) 

We were coming home from Miami this weekend and thought of "Lines" for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  So I reached back, picked the "big ole camera" up and snapped.  My husband nearly had a heart attack when he saw me.....see...I was driving at the time.  LOL  Oops...what we do for "the shot" 

Fresh droplets of rain on a brand new (ready to bloom) flower.  This is a potted plant that sits in our entrance.  I am not sure the name of the plant (I am awful at plants) but they bloom once a year.

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julie said...

Ah LOVE every single one of these!!! Your selfie is GORGEOUS...sometimes serious is who were are that moment! And what a creative 'on the floor'...love that you are feeding nature. Great take on fresh - very creative!! Enjoy your week :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Another wonderful week - Love your selfie (and I can be like that too) as well as your on the floor shot. great job!