Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Night shots.....

When out to the beach (Daytona Beach) tonight (hubby in tow) to take some night shots. I was reading up on the "bulb" setting and of course I immediately wanted to test it out. I picked the beach because it was the darkest area we could think of without going out to far into the country. We were next to the Sunglow Pier and it was somewhat illuminated and there was the light from some of the buildings but we were really close to the surf. The moon was at about half tonight and provided some good light. I have included the settings.

On tripod for 41 secs/ 70mm/ f8/ 100ISO
On tripod for 122 sec / 24sec / f11 / 400ISO

On tripod for 245 secs / 24mm/ f8/100ISO

On tripod for 130 secs/ 24mm/ f8/ 100ISO

On tripod for 122 secs/ 24mm / f8 / 100ISO

On tripod for 158 secs / 24mm/ f8 /400ISO

On tripod for 93 secs/ 70mm/ f8 /400 ISO

On tripod for 184 sec / ISO 400 / 70mm / F8

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Audrey @ TheDailyWyatt.blogspot.com said...

OH!! I loooove night shots! I love that you got the stars in there! that is AWESOME! totally jealous of that!