Monday, January 3, 2011

Trendy Blog Award........

Grateful for the award from Trendy Treehouse passed to me by Natalie of The Franklins.

I was checking my fellow bloggers to see what all everyone had posted lately, since I had not checked in a few days and I noticed the post by Natalie and that she had picked me as one of her 10 blogs that she wanted to pass along the award.

So Trendy Treehouse gave out ten "Trendy Blog Awards." So now that I have received one I have to pass it to ten more bloggers. I really want to thank Natalie for thinking of me. So sweet of you and "Thank you bunches." I feel that to receive an award from a fellow blogger/photog is truly an honor.

Here is my award...Can you see me doing the Happy Dance??


Here are my 10 that I want to pass it along to.

1. Inspire Me Photography
2. Almota Roses
3. Life with Kaishon
4. Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk

I know that some may have already received the award and I wish that I could name so many more but the rules and instructions were to pass along to 10 so each of these will pass along to 10 each so I think everyone will get a chance at having a Trendy Blog!
Hey Natalie....Thanks again...YOU ROCK!!!!

Here are the instructions:
The rules of this award are very simple.
*Just post about your award on your blog
*List your Top 10 Trendy Blogs
*Share with them and
*Leave a link to the Trendy Blog Button (so they can grab it too)
*Make sure you tell them the same, that they need to give this award out to 10 as well.


Ashley Sisk said...

Congratulations on receiving this award and thanks for passing it along.

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

You are welcomed Ashley.... thanks for all your sweet comments. :)

Natalie said...

You are so very welcome and I hope you have a wonderful year!

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

You too Natalie...<3

Wendy said...

Hello Irela,

I saw some traffic coming from your site and decided to pop over..... thank you for this lovely award! I am honored.

I also wanted to say.... Congratulations on your I♥faces win..... I voted for you!!!! (haha -- and so did a bunch of other people) You deserved it for sure!