Saturday, December 11, 2010

To edit or not to edit......

Questioning whether a photo should be edited, whether through Photoshop or any other means of many amazing software that is out there, is I suppose a matter of opinion or how much you want to perfect your craft.

I for one will never let a photo leave me without some form of processing/editing to make it the best that the photo itself can offer. Is that a bad thing? Ask any professional photographer if they edit their photos and the answer will be yes. Now, I don't classify myself in the category of those professionals that have perfected their craft with many years of blood, sweat and tears, but I consider myself to have a good eye for how I want my photo to look. Also remember that having the best camera and best lenses does not always guarantee best white balance, best lighting, best settings. So editing a photo is not a bad thing, in my opinion it makes you a photographer who wants the best looking photo out there for their clients, friends, family or just for yourself.

So for those of you out there who think that SOOC (straight out of the camera) photos is the way to go, I will demostrate the most simplest of editing/processing to one simple, very colorful photo.

Equipment: Canon 50D
Lens: 24/70mm f2.8L series
Settings: 52mm / ISO 3200 / f3.5 / 1/640
No flash / shot indoors under kitchen lighting

Editing Program / Adobe LR3
WB, auto
Add blacks to 25
Vibrance to 70
Noise reduction 49 and detail to 76

That is it and it took 30 secs!! (Click on photos to enlarge for a closer look)

Just the slightest editing to what would be considered a perfectly fine photo, now makes that photo Pop!!

So next time someone ask you why you edit your photos, just say "why not??"

Happy Editing!!!

Dec 2010

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Life with Kaishon said...

I saw this on my phone and i just loved it. Simple and powerful, right?